3Dconnexion Plugin for Unreal Editor Version 5.4

    1. Installing the Plugin

As of Unreal Editor version 5.4, the 3Dconnexion Plugin is no longer distributed through the 3DxWare 10 but directly through the Epic Games Marketplace.

To activate the Plugin, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to Epic Games Marketplace and search for the “3Dconnexion Plugin for Unreal Editor”
  2. Activate the Plugin by clicking on “Add to Cart” and then “Install to Engine”
  3. Confirm if the Plugin is enabled by going to “Edit” and then to “Plugin” (Input Devices) inside the Unreal Editor.

    2. Navigation in Blueprints

Support for navigating Blueprints is integrated in the Plugin that ships with our driver for UE 4.27 – 5.3.

Due to a limitation we are facing, Blueprints (and a few others like support for PiE mode and asset viewers) needs a bit of manual work to get it running in UE 5.4.

After installing the Plugin detailed information about this limitation (and how to get around it!) can be found in the readme that ships with the Plugin:


Note: The readme refers to the folder “TDxUnrealEditor”, instead it is necessary to use the folder “3Dconnexion”.

It will basically require downloading our SDK, copy some files and rebuild the Plugin binaries.

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