Imagine, design, and make

More space for your creativity

Navigate smoothly in 3D

Enjoy intuitive and immersive navigation of your 3D projects with the SpaceMouse. Focus your attention on designing and finding the best concepts, without having to use different navigation commands – especially when changing software applications.

Uncover issues early on

Find and resolve any design issues faster thanks to deep model exploration. With SpaceMouse, retrieving even the smallest design details is effortless, improving understanding, accelerating your model review, and enabling rapid prototyping.

Make products faster

Speed up the design process and reach production faster, with quick access to your most-used software commands. 3Dconnexion devices recognize your software application and provide pre-set commands, which you can easily replace with preferred commands and macros.

Automate repetitive tasks

Remove repetitive, time-consuming tasks from your workflow with the powerful 3Dconnexion Macro Editor. Easily create your macros inside any supported software applications, and map them to any 3Dconnexion device.

Put less strain on your hand

Pan, orbit, rotate, fit – and more. You will work faster and more comfortably, exerting less strain on your hand, by using the dedicated Middle Mouse Button on the CadMouse. Adapt the behavior of the button as needed for your workflow.

Increase your comfort

Enjoy a superior level of comfort along your entire product design process. From SpaceMouse, to CadMouse and Keyboard, our devices have professional-grade ergonomic features which will improve your posture and decrease repetitive strain injury risks.

Recommended products

Discover the best products to work in CAD and 3D – from your first design ideas to final production.

SpaceMouse Wireless - Bluetooth Edition

SpaceMouse Wireless

Advanced 3D navigation anywhere.

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SpaceMouse Pro Wireless

The wireless solution with professional 3D navigation and advanced ergonomic design.

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CadMouse Pro Wireless

High precision ergonomic mouse, purpose-built for working in CAD and 3D applications.

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Keyboard Pro with Numpad

A keyboard engineered to help you create digital 3D models and professional plans.

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Supported applications

3Dconnexion devices are supported by all major CAD/CAM and 3D applications. We work closely with Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to provide you with the best user experience for bringing your projects to life.

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