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3Dconnexion offers the latest products at attractive prices to young people or educators in schools, universities, and research institutes. Just follow the steps below to get your education discount.

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Save 20% with our education prices

The education discount is available for SpaceMouse® and CadMouse products.

CadMouse Pro Wireless Left

Regular price $119.00
SpaceMouse Pro Wireless (without case)

SpaceMouse® Pro Wireless
(without case)

Regular price $299.00

SpaceMouse® Pro

Regular price $299.00

CadMouse Wireless

Regular price $99.00

SpaceMouse® Wireless

Regular price $149.00

SpaceMouse® Compact

Regular price $129.00

SpaceMouse® Enterprise

Regular price $399.00

CadMouse Pro Wireless

Regular price $119.00

SpaceMouse® Pro Wireless

Regular price $329.00
3Dconnexion CadMouse Pro

CadMouse Pro

Regular price $99.00
3Dconnexion CadMouse Compact

CadMouse Compact

Regular price $89.00

Frequently asked questions

Who is eligible for Education Price?
Any students or educators at college and university level are entitled for a student discount. All we require is that you provide us with your university email and a copy of your Student ID, School certificate or Certificate of Enrollment (issued by the technical institute).
How long is the Education Voucher Code valid?
The Education Voucher Code expires one month after release.
How many products can I purchase per order using an Education Voucher?
You can only purchase one unit per order.
How many orders can an Education Voucher Code be used for?
Every Education Voucher Code can be used for a single order.
How many Education Voucher Codes may I request?
Every student/educator will get a single voucher code, which can be used for a single order.
What are the student verifications accepted?
Student ID, School Certificate, Certificate of Enrollment (issued by the technical institute) are acceptable for students. Please note that the student name and the current academic year or the expired date should be clearly mentioned. For educators, we require a pay stub or university badge for verification.

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