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3Dconnexion launches innovative new Keyboard Pro with Numpad

The first keyboard designed for CAD professionals, creatives, and makers

3Dconnexion Keyboard Pro with Numpad

Munich, Germany – 3Dconnexion today announced the launch of the Keyboard Pro with Numpad, an innovative new keyboard with a detached numpad for the world’s best designers. The Keyboard Pro promises to answer the wishes of CAD professionals, creatives, and makers for better posture and smoother workflows. 

The Keyboard Pro with Numpad is the latest product of 3Dconnexion, a company dedicated to creating the world’s most advanced, precise, and comfortable peripherals designed exclusively to work in CAD applications, design programs, and 3D environments. Optimized for over 300 software packages, the products are designed to help people across industries produce better designs more efficiently.

“After revolutionizing the 3D navigation experience by introducing the SpaceMouse, we wanted to innovate the way users interact with commands within CAD environments, design programs as well as daily applications,” explains 3Dconnexion CEO Antonio Pascucci. “We designed 3Dconnexion Keyboard Pro and Numpad Pro to enable users to personalize their desktops, improve their posture and achieve a seamless workflow. This naturally leads to better performance.“


Keys that adapt to apps in use

The new keyboard is equipped with 12 programmable 3Dconnexion keys that automatically recognize active apps and provide access to app-specific commands, saving time and keeping the user focused. The keys are also programmable, so commands can be assigned conveniently. It supports all most widely used CAD and 3D applications including SOLIDWORKS, CATIA, CREO, Siemens NX, Fusion 360, AutoCAD, Revit, 3ds Max, Rhino and ZBrush. Desktop applications like MS Office and web browsers are also supported. An on-screen display keeps the user informed of which commands are assigned.

3Dconnexion Keyboard Pro with Numpad
3Dconnexion keys with on-screen display


Improved comfort and workflow

Despite being a full-sized keyboard, the detached numpad allows users to enjoy a device with a reduced width. This enables a better position of a mouse or pen, resulting in a more natural posture. Creatives and CAD professionals are heavy mouse users. Working with conventional keyboards with integrated numpad leads to an awkward shoulder rotation, as the width requires placing the mouse too far to the right. Research has shown that reduced shoulder rotation associated with the use of a narrow keyboard – such as one with no numpad – results in less muscle fatigue.

During frequent number entering operations, CadMouse and Numpad Pro can be used simultaneously without continuously moving the hand between mouse and keyboard. This makes the workflow faster and easier.

Effortless and precise typing

Both keyboard and the programmable wireless numpad have ergonomically shaped concave keycaps that fit the fingertips. Matte-coated surfaces and rounded edges provide users with a pleasant feel and noticeable accuracy. The keys offer stability and minimal resistance, thanks to advanced scissor technology. The keyboard with full-sized palm rest and exceptionally slim design also allows for a flat position on the desk for relaxed and easy typing. Encrypted wireless connectivity between keyboard and numpad along with up to five additional wireless 3Dconnexion devices (e.g. SpaceMouse and CadMouse) lets users maintain an uncluttered desk and a secure connection.


3Dconnexion desktop solution

“Today we are happy to provide CAD professionals, designers, graphic specialists, artists and makers with an entire professional desktop solution. It’s the result of 20 years of dedicated product research and development, always motivated by customer feedback,” explains Antonio Pascucci.
The 3Dconnexion desktop solution offers a rich selection of SpaceMouse and CadMouse products as well as the new Keyboard Pro with Numpad. The combination of these advanced devices offers a fully integrated working experience in CAD and design environments.

3Dconnexion Desktop Solution
3Dconnexion desktop solution with SpaceMouse Pro Wireless, Keyboard Pro with Numpad and CadMouse Pro Wireless


Price and availability

The 3Dconnexion Keyboard Pro with Numpad became available on September 28, 2021 via As of October 2021, the product is also available from selected resellers at an SRP of $129,00 / €129,00 (excl. VAT).


About 3Dconnexion

3Dconnexion designs powerful, research-based ergonomic hardware and smart, easy-to-use software that combine seamlessly to make working in the world’s most popular CAD applications and 3D environments fast, comfortable and fun. SpaceMouse®, CadMouse and Keyboard Pro with Numpad, provide a superior way for CAD and design professionals to interact with and experience the digital world.
The company’s mission is to provide peace of mind to the professionals who design the buildings, machines and products that power our world. Technology and build quality combine to deliver the performance that professionals demand.
3Dconnexion is a global company with offices in Germany, Japan, Monaco, Poland and the United States.


Product images are available here.