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HaZimation: Innovating Filmmaking with SpaceMouse

HaZimation: Innovating Filmmaking with SpaceMouse

HaZimation, a pioneering micro-studio based in London, UK, specializes in producing feature films, TV series and video games, based on their proprietary pipeline utilizing Unreal Engine. Led by visionary filmmaker, director and producer Hasraf “HaZ” Dulull, the studio managed to move away from traditional VFX or animation workflows, allowing them to be more agile and software agnostic. In their constant quest for innovative tools to push the boundaries of creativity and efficiency in digital production, HaZimation discovered the SpaceMouse.

Game-changing experimentation

HaZ’s journey with the 3Dconnexion SpaceMouse Pro Wireless began with a spirit of experimentation. “As a filmmaker, I want to experiment, I want to try new things out,” says HaZ. While initially, the SpaceMouse felt like a bold departure from the conventional mouse and keyboard setup, it quickly proved to be a game-changer in HaZimation’s creative process.

Revolutionizing cinematography with the SpaceMouse

Working on the latest project, the animated feature film “Max Beyond,” HaZ discovered the unique advantages of the SpaceMouse: using the 3D controller cap enables him to easily create an organic movement that wouldn’t be achievable with a mouse and keyboard. “That is evident when you see the shots in the movie,” HaZ explains.

The SpaceMouse has enabled HaZimation to produce intricate, fluid camera movements effortlessly. HaZ can therefore focus on framing and cinematography without the need for tedious manual keyframing. “I can just hit the sequencer record button and move the controller around to get these really cool, floating drone-type shots that would usually require hundreds of keyframes,” he adds

Filmmaking with the SpaceMouse Pro Wireless (Image: HaZimation)

Creating organic movement is faster using a SpaceMouse (Image: HaZimation)

Boosting productivity and efficiency

Producing animated films can quickly become costly without the right tools. The SpaceMouse has significantly boosted productivity and efficiency at HaZimation. “Using the SpaceMouse really helped me as a filmmaker find my shots, increase productivity, and make production more efficient,” HaZ shares. This results in more creative freedom and cost-effective production processes, two critical benefits for any studio, and even more so for a micro-studio.

Customization and versatility

Apart from the game-changing navigation capability, another standout feature of the SpaceMouse is its advanced customization potential. HaZ appreciates the ability to map Unreal Engine-specific keyboard commands to the programmable keys, tailoring them to different phases of production. “When I’m in cinematography mode, I can lock the camera, switch perspectives, and adjust settings effortlessly. In creation mode, I can switch between adding lights, geometry, and the sequencer seamlessly,” HaZ notes.

Innovative tools make the creative process more efficient (Image: HaZimation)

The right technology helps producers tell a compelling story (Image: HaZimation)

Looking ahead

With the SpaceMouse integrated into their workflow, HaZimation is excited about the future. I’m very excited to see what the future holds, and I’m really looking forward to creating my next project in Unreal Engine utilizing the SpaceMouse,” HaZ concludes.

HaZimation’s use of the 3Dconnexion SpaceMouse exemplifies how innovative tools can revolutionize the creative process in digital production. By embracing the SpaceMouse, HaZimation continues to lead the way in producing original content with enhanced efficiency and creativity.