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3D mice increase productivity and promote health at Grob

Grob-Werke develops and manufactures plant and machine tools, has relied on the input devices from 3Dconnexion for almost ten years.

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Dr Koppes

Like a lot of younger, digital native doctors, Dr Koppes instinctively appreciates the value of digital medicine. In his rare and complex speciality, it speeds up the process of working and will lead to better results.

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The Auto Design case

Mr. Olszewski, the co-founder, has some advice and learnings to share with his peers about navigating the abrupt Covid-19 homeworking transition seamlessly.

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Interview with Smart Labs

The company is involved in the creation of personalized solutions for cranio-maxillofacial, orthopaedic and reconstructive surgery, with implants and surgical guides.

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GESAB, a leading company in the field of control room, chooses SpaceMouse Enterprise to optimize the efficiency and speed of their technical department.

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For Nick Schoeps and the team at MotoCzysz, 3Dconnexion 3D mice are essential to create designs for the world’s fastest electric motorcycles.

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For constructing agricultural machinery CLAAS relies on SpaceMouse Pro and CadMouse which also help them migrate to the new CATIA™ V6 version.

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3Dconnexion 3D mice are used in the whole car development process and are considered a valuable component of the company’s engineering toolkit.

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Découvrez pourquoi et comment des sociétés très différentes améliorent leurs performances à l’aide de la souris 3D de 3Dconnexion. Bon nombre des plus grandes entreprises dans le monde utilisent des souris 3D, voici quelques-uns:

Mercedes Petronas F1 Team
Ferretti Group
General Motors
MTU Aero Engines
Thyssen Krupp