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将 3Dconnexion SpaceMouse、CadMouse 与 CadMouse Pad 配套使用,可创建出常规鼠标和键盘无法实现的协同生态系统。
SpaceMouse 系列为你实现模型和视图的精准定位,使用 CadMouse 产品轻松创造你想要的设计成果。对 CAD 专业人士而言,这是倍加自然和符合人体工学的工作方式。


SpaceMouse® Enterprise Kit 2

强大的 CAD 解决方案

SpaceMouse Enterprise Kit 2 为工程专业人士提供舒适、高效双手协作所需的所有工具。


SpaceMouse® Wireless Kit 2

移动 CAD 解决方案




SpaceMouse® Enterprise Kit 2

  • 好的 3D 导航
  • 杰出的人体工学技术
  • 高端设备可实现性能
  • 工位工作的理想搭配
  • 包括 USB 接收器
SpaceMouse Wireless Kit 2

SpaceMouse® Wireless Kit 2

  • 先进的 3D 导航
  • 紧凑型人体工学设计
  • 配置长续航电池的无线设备
  • 非常适合移动办公时使用
  • 包括便携盒


Easier, quicker, comfortable

The CadMouse with a middle button greatly reduces the strain for panning and rotating models. The 3D mouse allows for faster movement around the designs. The Cases for carrying products are excellent. The middle button, the build quality too.

Gordon Stewart, Product Manager at Solid Solutions
The SpaceMouse Wireless Kit is ideal for travel

Working with two hands together is great. Navigation with the left hand and selecting with the right hand makes so much sense. In every Autodesk bundle each software has it's own navigation shortkeys. For mechanical CAD engineers these tools are an important standard piece of equipment for a long time.

Jean-Piere van Gastel, Technical Sales Specialist Autodesk Media & Entertainment at AUTODESK
The accuracy of the mouse is excellent

As a Manufacturing Engineer, I use the SpaceMouse a lot since it allows me fast selection of geometry, while also rotating the part during this selection. The CadMouse has 3 configurable options, for the middle mouse button, which is very useful for me, since I like to configure the buttons, similar to other standard mouse that I use on other systems.

Gerrit Koelewijn, Pre-sales MFG Consultant at SIEMENS
It is speeding up designing

The SpaceMouse is impressive, it really speeds up the design work, because of rotating with the left hand (SpaceMouse) and clicking with the right hand with the CadMouse. I am also very happy with the universal receiver. Previously I always had problems with bluetooth and other receivers, but your universal receiver works like a charm and I only need one for the two devices!

Henri Gerritsen, Sr Consultant at Dassault


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使用 SpaceMouse 可以提高产出效率和精度。