How do I pair a dedicated receiver with my wireless SpaceMouse?

The SpaceMouse® pairing tool enables the pairing of a wireless SpaceMouse with a dedicated USB receiver. Once a SpaceMouse and receiver are paired, the devices are uniquely bonded and SpaceMouse data can be transmitted to the computer.

Normally, the tool is used to pair a supported SpaceMouse with a new dedicated USB receiver. Information on how to pair a 3Dconnexion Universal Receiver can be found here.

Download the latest driver

The latest driver can be downloaded from here.


1. Make sure the latest driver is installed.
2. Connect the dedicated receiver to your computer.
3. Launch the pairing tool by clicking Start -> 3Dconnexion -> 3Dconnexion Pairing


If the pairing process fails, please follow these instructions:

1.Verify the battery of your 3Dconnexion wireless device is charged. The LED should be green after switching the device ON.
2.Confirm that the new USB receiver is correctly plugged in or try connecting it to a different USB port.

In case the pairing process continues to fail, please contact 3Dconnexion’s Technical Support service.

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