Customer Story


Ferretti Group, leader in the Yacht design and marketing, has hailed the capabilities of the 3DConnexion SpaceMouse after equipping its technical office with the device.


Founded in 1968, Ferretti quickly achieved success in yacht design and began an expansion process that led it to acquire various companies in the world, eventually forming the Ferretti Group. Renowned as a world leader in the design, construction and marketing of motor yachts and pleasure boats, the Group includes prestigious and exclusive brands such as Ferretti Yachts, Riva, Pershing, Itama, Mochi Craft, C.R.N and Custom Line.


3DConnexion solutions optimize the Ferretti Group designs

“We needed high-precision mice that could best support the work of our designers,” says Denni Maresalchi, Application Demand Specialist of the Ferretti Group.

“We had initially carried out in-depth research by analysing the various products in market and evaluating their performance and competitiveness. After equipping our technical office with the previous version of the SpaceMouse, we became convinced by the established know-how of 3Dconnexion. We attest to the simplicity and flexibility of its mice which are configurable in an extremely intuitive way to suit the specific design needs of our team”.

Following a period of industry downturn, the sector is now reinvigorated and Ferretti Group is currently producing more than 9 yachts per year, resulting in a significant increase in design activity which requires increasingly higher performance and adaptability from their technological solutions and devices.

“Before turning to 3Dconnexion, our technical office was equipped with low-cost mice with limited rotation and so unable to accommodate the motion needs of our designers. Following an overhaul of the company’s technological equipment, we decided to also refresh the pack of devices that comprise the main tool used by professionals in the Engineering sector” continues Denni Maresalchi.

Currently, the Ferretti Group technical office has implemented 18 SpaceMouse Enterprise kits, 50 CADMouse and 17 SpaceMouse® Navigator Compact.

Business benefits

Designers who use the Enterprise mouse have benefitted from greater efficiency through the synergy created by using both hands. The SpaceMouse Enterprise fluidly positions an object on display, while the CadMouse slides on the custom-made CadMouse Pad to select and create with absolute simplicity. It is a real revolution in how it offers unmatched standards of natural feel and comfort.

“In the 3D environment it is essential to work with the SpaceMouse line because it allows you to move around in the environment with fluidity” confirms Denni Maresalch. “The devices implemented in the past offered us a more limited range of functionality and the rotation was quite limited. Thanks to the smart keys of 3Dconnexion’s SpaceMouse Enterprise, which change their functions according to the change in the environment in which they work, our designers can take advantage of an ultra-customizable product and conveniently access the main commands on the various mouse keys, optimizing speed and performance. Another aspect that has definitely influenced the experience of use is ergonomics, which helps limit the onset of pain and muscle problems due to effort and bad position of the limb for a long time “.