<span style='color: #ffffff;'>Sustainability at 3Dconnexion</span>

Sustainability at 3Dconnexion

Ensuring a sustainable future

Product quality and durability have been a top priority since 3Dconnexion was founded. Continuous research and innovation enable us to improve the product performance while progressively moving towards carbon neutrality: we are introducing more durable, recycled materials, and keep developing company-wide sustainability guidelines.

At the same time, we will continuously further our initiatives for creating a more sustainable world for future generations.

Reliable longevity

A durable product contributes to the reduction of resource consumption and waste. Creating long-lasting products with high-quality materials, robust software, and continuous support has been a core principle since our foundation. This enables us to not only reduce waste but also to provide our customers with a superior experience in a world where electronic devices rapidly become obsolete.

Our product longevity is the result of continuous research and innovation: the wear-resistant, patented optical sensor of the SpaceMouse, the durable surface coating in SpaceMouse devices, first introduced with the SpaceMouse Pro Wireless Bluetooth Edition, or the extensive software support, all ensuring a reliable, long-term product usage.

Reduced emissions

Greenhouse gas emissions, including CO2, significantly accelerate global climate change.
We are committed to mitigate our impact through a systematic approach and rigorous calculations that focus on methodically lowering emissions in both product and office operations, and compensating for the remaining greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

With each new product release, we actively work to lower emissions. Our SpaceMouse Pro Wireless Bluetooth Edition marks a shift toward carbon neutrality¹, thanks to its enhanced materials and packaging.

¹ Calculation based on ISO 14067

Recycled materials

Recycled materials play a crucial role in reducing the carbon impact of our products. They have a significantly lower carbon footprint compared to primary resources, which are limited and often require energy-intensive extraction processes.

In our journey towards sustainability, we have taken substantial steps to reduce our reliance on primary resources, replacing traditional materials with recycled counterparts. The SpaceMouse Pro Wireless Bluetooth Edition is the first product that incorporates a minimum of 28%² of Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) plastic, reducing its environmental impact compared to previous versions.

² Accounting plastic parts manufactured on or after January 1, 2024

Responsible packaging

Packaging plays a crucial role in our journey towards sustainability, as it contributes significantly to emissions and waste, especially when relying on raw and virgin materials. Our efforts are focused on developing a responsible and more sustainable packaging, while always ensuring product integrity during transport.

In our commitment to reduce our environmental footprint, we are optimizing various aspects of our packaging, including size, weight, materials, enclosed accessories, and use of renewable resources. We have switched from mineral oil-based ink to soy-based ink, digitized manuals to reduce paper usage, and reduced plastic amounts. Our current packaging is crafted with 98% paper, 40% of which is recycled.

Recycling partners

Enabling product recycling prevents components from becoming unnecessary waste and polluting the environment, and is an important part of our product development process.

In the design phase, we prioritize simplicity and eco-friendliness. Our devices are crafted for easy disassembly and separation, minimizing the use of paints and reducing the variety of materials employed. This thoughtful design approach ensures that our products can be recycled efficiently. Also, to assist our customers in making sustainable choices, we provide dedicated information on our website.