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GESAB chooses SpaceMouse Enterprise to optimize their technical department

GESAB, a leading company in the field of control room, has chosen the 3Dconnexion SpaceMouse® Enterprise to increase efficiency and operating speeds of their technical department.

GESAB was founded in 1991 to provide new technical solutions designed for critical work environments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In these 25 years, GESAB has grown to become a point of reference across the world. The structure of GESAB includes the design, production and installation processes, both for control centres and data processing centres. GESAB has offices in Madrid, Barcelona and Mexico and is characterized by a multidisciplinary team to develop global projects.

Business Challenge

In the GESAB Technical Office, CAD software is used to develop the design of technical solutions starting from concepting in 2D models, then moving to 3D modelling, general design and finally with every specific detail necessary to have an excellent design. The most commonly used features are sheet metal modelling, solid modelling and 2D drawings for fine-tuning the documentation needed by customer and supplier.

The CAD applications used in GESAB are Autodesk INVENTOR and Autodesk AUTOCAD. The Technical Office is composed of 5 workstations, each equipped with a 3DConnexion SpaceMouse Enterprise, allowing users to be more efficient and precise when using CAD design platforms.

Technology Solution

After a test period, 5 SpaceMouse Enterprise were implemented for the 5 GESAB graphs operating in the
technical office.

The SpaceMouse Enterprise is a perfect combination of style and power. The device stems from the experience of SpaceMouse Pro and SpacePilot Pro, based on the past to reinvent the future. Thanks to this device, it is easier to view 3D models with the 6-Degrees-of-Freedom sensor (6DoF) and, provide instant access to QuickView,
both standard and customized. The delicate manipulation of the controller cap translates into agile, intuitive 3D navigation, while a simple finger push reduces the model to a standard display.

SpaceMouse Enterprise in GESAB‘s technical office

SpaceMouse Enterprise in GESAB‘s technical office

The addition of three custom QuickView options, an exclusive of SpaceMouse Enterprise, makes the 3D browsing experience unprecedented. With twelve customizable commands at your fingertips, it is easier to do what you want with the tools suitable for each specific action always available. The intelligent function keys of SpaceMouse Enterprise are conveniently automatically updated when changing application or environment.

The high-resolution display of SpaceMouse Enterprise shows the icons of the application in use, bringing the familiarity of the toolbar to the tip of your fingers. Customizing the combination of controls and buttons has never been easier, thanks to the simple but powerful 3DxWare 10 UI. SpaceMouse Enterprise is built to mitigate hand pain caused by prolonged use of devices, thus reducing the problems increasingly experienced amongst professionals who frequently work with CAD.

SpaceMouse Enterprise perfectly expresses a built-in care for ergonomics, a characteristic of 3Dconnexion offerings. This powerful but easy to use tool offers many of the new features increasingly required in CAD, including a complete set of keyboard modifiers, reducing the need for the hand to interact with the keyboard and bringing “two-handed power” to the CAD user’s workflow in a completely new way.

Business Benefit

“The wide range of functionalities offered by 3Dconnexion products respond perfectly to the needs expressed by the members of our Technical Office“, comments Eloi Sabaté, Technical Director at GESAB.

“Among the most frequently used functions, the complete set of keyboard modifiers, ideal for using a variety of programs. Before adopting the 3Dconnexion solutions, the use of the CAD software was very slow, because to carry out each activity it was necessary to search the interface for the specific tool. Now, thanks to 3Dconnexion, the use of CAD software is easy and smooth due to the possibility of configuring each button. We also noticed that the right arm is not stressed too much because the mouse is not used constantly. The keyboard shortcut keys allow you to start each tool without having to move the mouse to the specific side of the CAD software interface.“


The corporate mission of GESAB is based on 5 fundamental pillars:

Cutting-edge technology: GESAB offers customers solutions based on the most advanced technologies for each environment; control rooms, data centers and meeting rooms, with all components developed through proprietary technology to offer customers the best solution.

Innovative design: balance, functionality, aesthetics and ergonomics are the key elements of a GESAB proposal. Design is the prerequisite for creating the best possible proposal and is integrated with technology in order to meet the needs of users.

Safety: a key element around which design of spaces and equipment are developed, created to guarantee maximum ergonomics, optimizing the activities of operators, maintenance and cleaning staff along with all who interact with the devices. This, with a view to maximizie productivity and efficiency.

Integration: devices, technology and spaces must be integrated in order to create a work environment that guarantees the best in terms of performance and functionality. The GESAB team develops a conceptual map of space and structures in search of a point of balance and maximum effectiveness. The flexibility and ability to adapt to various contexts allows GESAB to combine with any technology.

Service: from the start of a project to its maintenance, through development and execution, GESAB accompanies the customer at every stage of the journey.

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