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Widely used in game and movie production, product design, fashion, and architecture, Substance 3D Painter is a go-to 3D texturing app for creative professionals everywhere. The 3Dconnexion product range provides you with a superior way of interacting with your 3D art in Painter.


The power of 3D navigation

Hold the model in one hand. Paint it with your other hand. Just like in real life. SpaceMouse allows you to navigate the 3D scene with your left hand, while your right hand can focus on painting and texturing.

  • Smooth and fun navigation for a lively interaction with your art
  • Intuitive control of camera movements and rotation to get the view you want
  • Continuous painting without the need to reposition your pen or cursor.

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The perfect companion for SpaceMouse

The CadMouse is the perfect companion to SpaceMouse whenever you’re not using a pen. The advanced sensor and specially developed feet combine to create a direct connection between your hand and your brush.

  • Precise cursor control with increased sensitivity and reactivity
  • One-click switch between 2D and 3D layout with the radial menu button
  • Superior comfort during long hours of creative work.

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As Product Manager of Painter, I am now always using the SpaceMouse with Painter. The user experience is very smooth. The support of the SpaceMouse has been done with super nice collaboration with the team at 3Dconnexion and in the last few months we iterated with them and also with few beta users of Painter.

After a week of using the SpaceMouse (3D Mouse) I can tell you I am not going back to the regular one, really comfortable and smooth approach to Adobe Substance 3D Painter. I have been really impressed by this version of Painter.

Which features are available?

Tested Substance 3D Painter version:
Tested 3DxWare version:
3DxWare 10.8.6
Supported platforms:


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