Fusion 360 + 3Dconnexion

The ultimate experience

Autodesk Fusion 360 is the integrated CAD/CAM/CAE/PCB software that unifies design, engineering, electronics, and manufacturing into a single platform. Whether you model objects for 3D printing or work on complex product development, the dedicated integration with 3Dconnexion devices revolutionizes your experience.



Natural object interaction

Control your 3D model like you would hold it in your hand thanks to the 3Dconnexion SpaceMouse. Workspace-sensitive buttons change their commands based on each task you do.

  • Fun, intuitive and smooth 3D navigation
  • Easy understanding of 3D models
  • Quicker sketching and assembling

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Every click counts

Complete your work using fewer clicks with the CadMouse.
Dedicated Middle Mouse Button, radial menu and QuickZoom buttons help you achieve a more gesture-enabled workflow.

  • Effortless panning, orbiting and quick zooming
  • Easy access to app commands
  • Unique design with precise gliding

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Keyboard and Numpad

Endless customization

Get the optimal desktop and workflow setup through the 3Dconnexion Keyboard Pro with detached, wireless Numpad. Enter numbers and keep your hand on the CadMouse at the same time.

  • Fast commands through programmable keys
  • Environment detection with convenient display
  • Simultaneous usage of numpad and mouse

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What Fusion 360 users say


A SpaceMouse will make you around 50% faster with CAD SpaceMouse offers an unparalleled navigation experience.
It’s the best “productivity tool” I can think of for guys like me. If you think it’s not for you, as I did years ago, I encourage you to stick with it for one week – you will never go back. I effectively lost 10 years of work by not using it!  Whether it is improving efficiency while designing a part or aesthetically showcasing Fusion 360 in front of customers, the 3Dconnexion toolset enables every CAD professional to get the best out of the software.
Mickey Wakefield, Fusion Evangelist at Autodesk Ewald Egel- Technical Sales Specialist Design & Manufacturing at Autodesk

Which features are available?


Tested Fusion 360 version: 2.0.11894
Tested 3DxWare version: 10.8.5 (Windows), 10.7.0 (macOS)
Supported platforms: Windows, macOS



Fusion 360 Navigation Fusion 360 Views Fusion 360 Tools
Object Mode
Camera Mode1
Target Camera Mode1
Auto Rotation Center
Selected Item Rotation Center1
Horizon Lock1
Rotation Lock
Sketch Lock1
Fit View
Standard Views
Custom Views1
Workspace specific commands1
Command icons1
Radial Menus


Fusion 360 Navigation Fusion 360 Views Fusion 360 Tools
Fit View
Standard Views
Custom Views1
Workspace specific commands1
Command icons1
Radial Menus

Keyboard1 and Numpad1

Fusion 360 Tools
Workspace specific commands
Command icons
Radial Menus

1Not supported by macOS