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3Dconnexion celebrates 20 years in Eastern Europe

20 Anniversary Eastern Europe

3Dconnexion is now celebrating 20 years in the Eastern European region.  3Dconnexion’s products are known for superior performance, precision, sleek aesthetics, and their unique focus on comfortable and healthy usability.

In 1993, on the space shuttle Columbia, a 3D control system was used for the first time to operate a robotic arm in space, which gave rise to the world’s first 3D mouse, known today as the SpaceMouse®.

3Dconnexion was founded to patent the SpaceMouse’s unique sensor with six-degrees-of-freedom technology for smooth and intuitive manipulation of three-dimensional objects. Working towards solutions that ensure greater efficiency, precision, and the comfort of designers and engineers, 3Dconnexion has always put superior ergonomics at the forefront of its research effort.

In 2000, a branch of 3Dconnexion was established in Poland – a regional office covering over 20 countries which co-operates with over 250 distributors and resellers. From the Czech Republic all the way to Siberia, SpaceMouse and CadMouse products are established tools for design and engineering professionals spanning many industries.

Among the companies from Central and Eastern Europe that use 3Dconnexion solutions on a daily basis, are loyal big names: Skoda Auto, General Electric Pratt & Whitney, Man, ABB, Ceska Zbrojovka, Tatra, Mercedes, Volvo, Porsche Engineering, IKEA, Bosch, Boeing, Airbus, Continental. (Look for inspiration in our stories section).

“I am very proud of what we have achieved in the last 20 years. 20 years laser-focused on innovation, R&D and investment, and, most importantly, on building deep and trusting relationship with our partners and clients.” tells Mieczyslaw Trzcinski, the Sales Director of Eastern Europe. “Our stakeholders have enduring faith and loyalty in the products we bring to the market every day, and we are grateful for their support.”

“We are happy to have established a talented and committed team which has contributed to our success. We face the future with confidence, and look forward to serving all design and engineering professionals in Eastern Europe with the absolute best products and services.”

About 3Dconnexion

3Dconnexion creates the world’s most advanced, precise, and comfortable peripherals for design and engineering professionals. Optimized for over 300 software packages, our products help people across industries produce better designs more efficiently.

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