3Dconnexion Releases New SpaceMouse Pro Wireless – Bluetooth® Edition

SpaceMouse Pro Wireless Bluetooth Edition

Munich, 6 November 2023 – 3Dconnexion, a leader in innovative input devices for professionals, is thrilled to announce the launch of the highly anticipated SpaceMouse Pro Wireless Bluetooth Edition. Purpose-built for engineers, 3D artists and architects, the new SpaceMouse Pro Wireless delivers a seamless experience centered on sustainability and meeting the evolving needs of professionals worldwide.

The SpaceMouse Pro Wireless Bluetooth Edition embodies 3Dconnexion’s commitment to excellence and environmental responsibility, adding new features to the ones that professionals have been trusting and relying on for years.

Seamless Bluetooth connectivity: By incorporating Bluetooth technology, this new edition of the SpaceMouse Pro Wireless gives users even more freedom and flexibility when it comes to connectivity options, allowing them to work more efficiently from any location.

Enhanced sustainability: 3Dconnexion firmly believes that technology and sustainability must be inextricably linked. The use of innovative, wear-resistant materials and components, recycled plastics and responsible packaging, as well as the measures to render this product carbon neutral represent 3Dconnexion’s dedication to promote a greener world, without compromises on quality or performance.

Unparalleled precision: Engineers, 3D artists, and architects demand precision in their work. The patented 6-Degrees-of-Freedom (6DoF) sensor enables users to pan, zoom, and rotate with the utmost accuracy, ensuring that intricate designs and complex projects are executed flawlessly.

Ergonomic design: The SpaceMouse Pro Wireless is thoughtfully designed to feature an ergonomic handrest that reduces fatigue during extended use, allowing its users to maintain peak productivity without any discomfort.

Customizable buttons: Users can tailor the SpaceMouse Pro Wireless to their specific needs by assigning most frequently used functions, macros, or shortcuts to the customizable buttons, or take advantage of the preset application-specific commands, thereby streamlining their workflows and saving precious time.

“We are excited to introduce the SpaceMouse Pro Wireless Bluetooth Edition, a product that embodies our commitment to innovation and sustainability, » said 3Dconnexion CEO Antonio Pascucci. « Engineers, 3D artists, and architects require precision and flexibility in their work, which is why we have developed the reliable Bluetooth connectivity for this new product edition, while also reducing its environmental impact.“

The SpaceMouse Pro Wireless Bluetooth® Edition is available for purchase at and authorized resellers worldwide. For more information about the SpaceMouse Pro Wireless Bluetooth Edition, please visit the product page.

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