Beta Driver for macOS 11 “Big Sur”

Due to significant changes to macOS made by Apple the next version of 3DxWareMac is delayed. A beta version of our driver with support for macOS Big Sur is available for download here. (Version 10.7.0 r3386 – Beta 20 – published on 19/10/2021)

Supported devices:

  • CadMouse (requires firmware version 1.06 or newer)
  • CadMouse Wireless (only via Bluetooth and cable, requires firmware version 1.11 or newer)
  • CadMouse Compact
  • CadMouse Compact Wireless (only via Bluetooth and cable)
  • CadMouse Pro
  • CadMouse Pro Wireless (only via Bluetooth and cable)
  • CadMouse Pro Wireless Left (only via Bluetooth and cable)
  • SpaceMouse Compact
  • SpaceMouse Enterprise
  • SpaceMouse Pro
  • SpaceMouse Pro Wireless
  • SpaceMouse Wireless
  • SpacePilot Pro
  • SpaceNavigator
  • Universal Receiver (only for wireless SpaceMouse devices)

Known issues:

  • Wireless CadMouse devices will not work with the Universal Receiver. We recommend using Bluetooth instead.

Please note that this driver is still under development. We do not recommend using it in a production environment where data loss cannot be tolerated.

Please let us know how this version is working on your Big Sur installation and if there are any problems. You can provide your feedback here.
Any feedback is very much appreciated.


For history details and discussion with our community, you can visit our forum.

Updated on 19. October 2021 9:00