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Outstanding design: CadMouse Pro Wireless wins three design awards


Munich, May 2021 – The CadMouse Pro Wireless and the left-handed version CadMouse Pro Wireless Left from 3Dconnexion have been recognised with three design awards. 3Dconnexion, a manufacturer of high-performance 3D input devices, managed to win over the juries of the iF Award, the Red Dot Award and the Good Design Award with an innovative and user-friendly design.

3Dconnexion developed the CadMouse Pro Wireless in collaboration with design agency Design Partners to meet specific user requirements from the design and engineering sector. The mouse has been designed for the needs of CAD professionals and offers a high degree of workflow integration, speed and precision.

The CadMouse Pro Wireless is available in both right-handed and left-handed versions in line with the manufacturer’s aspiration to offer CAD users the perfect balance of elegant aesthetics and ergonomic form. The mouse sits perfectly in your hand thanks to its curved housing that bends slightly inwards. The design of the CadMouse Pro Wireless combines usability with a visual simplicity that is practical and intuitive, while at the same time expressing technical precision with delicate details.

The innovative and aesthetic design convinced three separate award juries to declare the CadMouse Pro Wireless the winner:
the iF Award 2021, the Red Dot Award 2021 and the Good Design Award 2020.

All three internationally renowned awards stand for high-quality design and outstanding innovation, combined with the perfect user experience.

“We are thrilled to have received these awards,” says Antonio Pascucci, CEO of 3Dconnexion. “They show once again that 3Dconnexion understands the needs of its users and combines functionality with design to provide advanced and precise peripherals for a variety of sectors and applications that are comfortable to use.”

iF Design Award
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Red Dot Award
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Good Design Award
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